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A Man and His Wheelbarrows

I heard an old story today of a man who was suspected of stealing from his factory. Every night before he left, his wheelbarrow and all of his belongings were checked to see if there was any thing in them. There was nothing in the wheelbarrow, and nothing on him. Finally, they figured it out. What he was stealing were the wheelbarrows themselves.

You Should Always Be Kind to People

I like to think that I’m going to be the next big thing. Maybe I might be the next Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, or Steve-o from Jackass. I know I’m not alone in thinking that. I know you probably have thought the same thing, and even Steve Jobs, when he was 16 and got turned down by a girl for a date to Prom, was thinking the same thing. 

It’s funny to imagine people turning down these people now. If Oprah offered to stop by for dinner, you wouldn’t miss the opportunity for the world. You would cancel all of your plans, call in sick to work, go to the store to buy the best food, and go through all of this trouble just to have dinner with another person. But at one point in her life, you would have said no to Oprah. At one point in every great person’s life they were treated as if they weren’t so great.

I think this is really strange. This begs the question of whether or not greatness is achieved, or if certain people are just born with it. I like to think it’s a little bit of both, but I know if I had a time machine, and I was able to talk to Einstein when he was a teenager, I would still cherish the opportunity. But why should we be interested in him as a teenager, if he wasn’t already a genius at that time?

I think there’s genius all around us. I think there’s a good chance you’re one, and I think there’s a good chance that I am one, and that’s basically how I go about my day. Whenever I have a conversation with someone, I try to imagine that one day they’re going to be a big deal. I like to think that maybe I’ll leave some sort of impression on them, and that maybe, just maybe, I’ll have a chance to change the world with them.

17 Things You Can Talk About (THERE’S ALWAYS SOMETHING TO SAY)

I can never understand it when people say they have nothing to write/talk about. I mean I kind of understand I guess, sometimes it’s harder to write well, but I think there’s an endless amount of things to write about.

If you’re ever feeling dry you can always write about the fact that lately you’ve had a hard time writing.

You can write about the social anxiety issues you’ve had lately.

You can write about the piece of chicken you just ate.

You can write about how it’s weird that the Universe or God could not have always existed because this would infer that something could exist without a cause.

You can write about how if the spectrum of light was stretched from California to New York, the portion that people can see on that spectrum would only be 100 nanometers wide (that’s roughly 1/1000 of the width of a human hair).

You can write about how our reality is the only reality we can be sure exists, and therefore we are always alone.

You can write about what you wish you could be doing right now.

You can write about how it’s weird that we have to poop.

You can write about how good sex feels (and how you’ve never done it).

You can write about what you saw last time you were high.

You can write about why you’re obsessed with writing things down.

You can write about why you think nobody reads what you have to say.

You can write about what you would do if you were 100% able to impact the world in one specific way.

You can write about what you think it’d be like to have a conversation with a tiger.

You can write about why you admire your mom.

You can write about the way you go about killing the person you hate the most.

You can write about things that you can write about.

There is an endless amount of things to write about and it kind of amazes me that some people really do seems to go through points where they have nothing to write about or talk about.

I think it either just takes a little more imagination, a little less anxiety, or a little bit of both.

Anonymous asked:

You: "Here's my opinion and view on this subject." Someone else: "Oh hey, that's an interesting way to think of it. But did you take (this) into consideration?" You: "No. You're wrong, everyone is wrong but me. Idiots." That's all I see from your blog.

I answered:

Haha I know it doesn’t show and I probably can’t convince you otherwise but I really do listen way more than I talk. My viewpoints are constantly changing and evolving and it’s mostly due to other people talking about their ideas and me listening and thinking about whether it makes sense or not.

I really am sorry if I seem like an asshole but I really don’t know if I can change that. I think being genuine is the most important quality even if other people don’t like you for it. I don’t like to be fake and pretend that I kind of agree with a point when I don’t. I don’t necessarily think the person who had the idea is an idiot, it’s just I either can’t see the idea from there perspective and I need more to convince myself, or I have held their point of view before and I changed it because of reasons that seemed to be more logical.

But above all else, I think criticism is the most important aspect of argument. And that’s all I really want is good ideas. The more critical and the more harsh you are with an idea, the more logical the idea needs to be or it won’t be able to stand ground (if that makes sense at all). Ideas that are never challenged seem bulletproof but that’s only because they’ve never been shot at, and the more you shoot at these ideas the more you’ll be able to see which ones are actually bulletproof and which ones just seem so.

Self-Reliance Doesn’t Exist

I always hear this argument for the necessity of self-reliance and I think it’s flawed in a major way. Self-reliance in the way many people see it, does not exist. There’s nothing around you or me that suggests that we are self reliant people. For example, if you’re reading this, you might be doing so through a computer or a phone. None of you would be able to build this computer, create the internet, create Google, create Tumblr, and learn to read the trillions of ideas on the internet by relying on your own resources and capabilities. You wouldn’t be able to drive to Wal-Mart and pick up a steak for dinner without relying on millions of other people’s work.

Although I have done little to no research on the subject, I would imagine that even our ancestors, who’s lives were incredibly hard, relied on each other by forming tribes where certain people could specialize in different tasks.  

Studying and analyzing ideas from people who are more intelligent than you, empowers you to become more intelligent yourself. Using technology that was created by people with access to more resources than you, lets you focus more of your time on your own personal interests. This is something that we all accept, yet we ironically advocate for one’s reliance on his own capabilities, judgement, or resources.

So I swear to God if someone uses self-reliance in an argument for or against entitlement programs, socialism, or capitalism, I’m going to flip out. It’s a fallacy, and the topics can be debated with much more interesting and persuasive arguments.

Small Talk is Gay

I fucking hate small talk. There’s a reason why it’s called small talk. It’s because it’s meaningless dribble, and in a reality where we only have so long to live, why would you waste any part of it with meaningless dribble.

We all have agendas. We have goals. We have interests, and very few of us are interested in the weather. Very few of us are interested in any of the things we talk about during small talk. The only reason we have small talk is because we’re afraid people won’t like us. We’re afraid that if we are 100% ourselves, we won’t be appreciated, and rejection hurts.

Small talk is the safe road to getting to know someone. We assume that if we keep the conversation light, that people will be more open to accepting our true selves later on, but why don’t we just cut through the bullshit? Why don’t we just forget all the games, the technicalities, and the ideology of social interaction, and just be ourselves? It’s harder to do, and less accepted, but it also means less of your life wasted, and more genuine relationships. 

If you truly care about small talk, it means one of two things. Either your mind is small and meaningless, or you’re trying to persuade someone to accept yourself by making them uninformed about what you’re truly saying. Both of these things are wrong, and both lead to weaker people with weaker minds. 

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