Alex Konetchy.

Trying a chicken salad sandwich with the family. Siting on famous stairs in Rio de Janeiro right before the world cup Feeding the baby. My first cat Mia. Swiming at a waterfall in the interior of Brazil close to the equator. Golfing at Forest Dunes Golf Club. A top ranked course in northern Michigan. My stunning wife and I before we got married.

Hi! My name is Alex. Normally I work at Get Air as a software engineer who develops web software for the best trampoline parks in the world! I'm best at working with PHP, JQuery, and SQL to give meaning to data. I also have done work with a few other things like Node.JS, Nagios, Bash, Raspberry Pi, Bootstrap, Google Visualization, Wordpress, Ruby, and can figure out just about anything with some time and Google. I would love to take what I know and help make your project awesome. If you'd like to work with me I'd love to talk to you!